NEWS/ This Bride Got a Surprise Flash Mob Wedding—Watch the Amazing Video!


This Bride Got a Surprise Flash Mob Wedding—Watch the Amazing Video!

What's better than a surprise wedding? A surprise wedding that involves a flash mob!

Brian Green has been with Christina McGinnis since 2010, and the couple has one daughter together, Aspen. They've been engaged since 2010, but they found the wedding planning to be stressful, expensive and overwhelming.

"It took away the purpose and excitement of being married," Green told  NBC 11 in Atlanta. "The wedding is just the ceremony. The marriage is what's important, so I just wanted to focus on the marriage."

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So his way of focusing on the marriage was to surprise his bride to be with a flash mob wedding at the Mall of Georgia. She was told to wear her wedding dress because she needed to help out a photographer friend working on a special bridal project.

What followed was certainly special, but it was no photography project. It was their wedding!

"I didn't have a clue," Christina said. "Not one clue."

And that's how you start your marriage off with a bang. Or more specifically, with a mob.

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